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SA unveils blue carbon plan

Projects that protect seagrass and mangroves should earn carbon credits and businesses clearing coastal land could purchase carbon offsets, says a new South Australian strategy.

Industry urges caution on linking credits to Safeguard emission limits

Rewarding big emitters with carbon credits for out-performing their Safeguard limits could play a role in reducing emissions, but the system would have to be carefully structured to ensure its integrity, say industry experts and business groups.

Climate Authority urged to recommend Safeguard changes

Woodside has urged Safeguard changes and the Carbon Market Institute has warned of economic disruption without strong abatement action, in submissions to a federal inquiry examining the path to net zero emissions.

Exclusive: Taylor seeks new ways to cut emissions

The federal government has fast-tracked an investigation into new carbon abatement strategies, which is canvassing changes to the treatment of large emitters.

Reviews underway of seven ERF carbon credit methods

A federal committee is investigating why businesses are largely ignoring five ERF energy efficiency methods, and whether two others designed to prevent clearing are sufficiently robust.

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