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Landmark sugar bio-energy plant approved

The Australian sugar and bio-energy industries are in for a shake up with the approval yesterday of a processing plant in North Queensland that will produce sugar, ethanol and power and will also be capable of processing timber and crop wastes.

Mandatory tailpipe CO2 standards to cut emissions by up to 4% a year

The Gillard Government today revealed the emission limits it might impose through mandatory vehicle CO2 standards applying from 2015, in a discussion paper that asks whether car-makers should be allowed to 'bank' credits if they reach targets ahead of time.

Qantas, Virgin and CSIRO map out biofuels future

Qantas, Virgin and Caltex have joined forces with the CSIRO to map out a pathway that could allow Australian and New Zealand airlines to rely on biofuels to meet 40% of their fuel needs by 2050.

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