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Budget reactions

According to Greens leader Bob Brown, the Rudd government's first Budget is just 'Howard-Costello lite'.

The Greens and Greenpeace have delivered scathing assessments of the Budget's climate and environment initiatives, though other appraisals have generally been more favourable.

Labor's first Budget – $342 million for climate programs in 2008-09

It's Labor's first commitment period – with the Rudd government last night setting out where its climate change and environment cash will be spent over 2008-2012. New Budget climate measures will get $341.6 million in 2008-09 and a total of $2.3 billion over 2007-08 to 2011-12.

Meanwhile, Treasurer Wayne Swan says the review of the tax system – due to report by the end of 2009 – will 'look at the role to be played by environmental taxes'.
CE Daily looks at where the money will go and guides you through the maze of Budget papers.

News in brief, May 13, 2008

* National Water Commission to scrutinise water use by mines
* Federal energy program issues detailed efficiency guide
* NSW issues exemptions for land-applied wastes
* Shipping company fined $35,000
* Queensland council fined $40,000
* National Pollutant Inventory offers training on new reporting system
* Queensland EPA offers sustainability grants
* GM crops a boon for regional economies, ABARE says

Victoria urges Rudd to match 'green car' funding to emission cuts

The Victorian government says payments under the federal $500 million Green Car Fund could be linked to the abatement potential of funded projects. And it wants cash from the fund to be offered to component suppliers, as well as car makers.

The Brumby government's submission to the Steve Bracks-led review of the automotive industry also calls for measures to boost market demand for greener car technology.

NSW government to go neutral; Tasmania warns of leaking tanks; and more

* NSW government to go carbon neutral
* Transport ministers to investigate mandatory vehicle CO2 standard
* 20% of underground fuel tanks likely to be leaking, says Tasmanian government
* Shadow environment minister calls for clean energy target
* Westpac sets ground rules for suppliers

Six steps to avoiding greenwash; and more

* WA issues compliance reporting guidelines

* Australia's black coal-fired plants emit more CO2 than EU and US plants

* CCS too slow, risky and pricey: Greenpeace

* 'Contraction and convergence criticisms flawed'

* Six steps to avoiding greenwash

* Greens parties to establish international base in Australia

Push for 'bill of rights' approach in Victorian climate Bill; plus more

* Push for 'bill of rights' approach in Victorian climate Bill
* Change laws, not just light bulbs, says Gore in new video
* Rudd to sign Australia up to international carbon markets partnership
* New NPI boiler manual released
* Tasmanian government tables water and sewerage reform bills
* Garnaut deadlines loom
* Moving beyond 'learn, burn and give': should MBAs involve a 'green Hippocratic oath'?

Wong heads to China; plus more

* Wong heads to China
* Coal mines should brace for tougher approach, warns lawyer
* Channel Ten launches new environmental strategy
* WBCSD issues forest products guide

Who should lead the workplace on climate change?

Two leading sustainability advocates have very different views on which part of the business should lead the corporate response to climate change.

HR is best placed to deliver the necessary change throughout a company, according to sustainability professor Dexter Dunphy. But Bovis Land Lease sustainability expert Anita Mitchell has warned doing so could deliver the equivalent of the IT section's dreaded "blue screen of death".

A Climate at Work conference in Sydney also saw the launch of a 'tell all' website by the ABC on its sustainability efforts and produced a warning from energy efficiency expert Hugh Saddler that skills shortages could be the biggest impediment preventing a transformation to clean energy.

Trading 1.01 – BP's advice for new players

We all know what emissions trading means at the policy level, but what about the nuts and bolts of being a company involved in emissions trading?

Few businesses have as much trading experience as energy giant BP, which has an emissions trading desk that services the company and some key customers. And few within BP are better placed to talk about it than Mark 'I love trading' Proegler. CE Daily asks for the low-down on how companies should get ready for the world of trading. (plus audio)

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