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Tasmanian laws and regulatory instruments

Below you will find comprehensive and up-to-date links to Tasmanian laws and subordinate statutory instruments. If you find any gaps or out-of-date information please send us an email.

The official database of Tasmanian legislation and statutory instruments, including environmental planning instruments, is available here.

Climate Change (State Action) Act 2008

"An Act for certain measures to help the State address the challenges of climate change and contribute to the broader national and international response to those challenges and for related purposes."

Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994

EMPCA is Tasmania's framework environment law. You can find DPIPWE's compliance policy for the Act here.

Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993

"An Act to make provision for land use planning and approvals."

Litter Act 2007

Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995

"An Act to promote the sustainable management of living marine resources, to provide for management plans relating to fish resources, to protect marine habitats."

National Environment Protection Council (Tasmania) Act 1995

Natural Resource Management Act 1992

"An Act to establish the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Council and regional committees for natural resource management and to provide for the development of regional strategies for natural resource management."

Plastic Shopping Bags Ban Act 2013

"An Act to prevent, so as to minimise environmental pollution, the provision by retailers of certain plastic bags."

Pollution of Waters by Oil and Noxious Substances Act 1987

"An Act to protect the State waters from pollution by oil and other substances, to give effect to certain parts of the Marpol Convention, and for related purposes."

State Policies and Projects Act 1993

"An Act to provide for Tasmanian Sustainable Development Policies, to provide for the integrated assessment of projects of State significance, to provide for State of the Environment Reporting and for related purposes."

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