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NSW laws and regulatory instruments

Below you will find comprehensive and up-to-date links to NSW laws and subordinate statutory instruments. If you find any gaps or out-of-date information please send us an email.

The list below includes all legislation administered by the EPA and various Acts and regulations administered by other agencies.

The official database of NSW legislation and statutory instruments, including environmental planning instruments, is available here.

Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (New South Wales) Act 1994 No 53

This Act and its regulation is administered by the Minister for Primary Industries.

Biofuels Act 2007

Brigalow and Nandewar Community Conservation Area Act 2005

Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust Act 1983

Coastal Protection Act 1979

Contaminated Land Management Act 1997

Dams Safety Act 1978

This Act is administered by the Minister for Lands and Water.

Dangerous Goods (Road and Rail Transport) Act 2008

Energy and Utilities Administration Act 1987

Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979

A list of in-force State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) and local environmental planning instruments under the Act is available here, by clicking on 'NSW principal environmental planning instruments in force'. They include the State Environmental Planning Policy (Mining, Petroleum Production and Extractive Industries) 2007 and the State Environmental Planning Policy No 55 Remediation of Land.

Environmental Trust Act 1998

Environmentally Hazardous Chemicals Act 2008

Explosives Act 2003

Filming Approval Act 2004

Forestry Act 2012

Forestry Restructuring and Nature Conservation Act 1995

Forestry Revocation and National Park Reservation Act 1996

Forestry Revocation and National Parks Reservation Act 1983

Forestry Revocation and National Parks Reservation Act 1984

Gene Technology (GM Crop Moratorium) Act 2003 No 12

Gene Technology (New South Wales) Act 2003

Heritage Act 1977

Historic Houses Act 1980

Land and Environment Court Act 1979

Lane Cove National Park (Sugarloaf Point Additions) Act 1996

Local Government Act 1993

Lord Howe Island Act 1953

Marine Estate Management Act 2014

Marine Parks Act 1997

Marine Pollution Act 2012

Mining Act 1992

The Act is the responsibility of the Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy.

Mining Amendment Act 2008

National Environment Protection Council (New South Wales) Act 1995 No 4

National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974

National Parks and Wildlife (Adjustment of Areas) Act 2005

National Park Estate (Lower Hunter Region Reservations) Act 2006

National Park Estate (Reservations) Act 2002

National Park Estate (Reservations) Act 2003

National Park Estate (Reservations) Act 2005

National Park Estate (Riverina Red Gum Reservations) Act 2010

National Park Estate (South-Western Cypress Reservations) Act 2010

National Park Estate (Southern Region Reservations) Act 2000

National Trust of Australia (New South Wales) Act 1990

Native Vegetation Act 2003

Natural Resources Commission Act 2003

Nature Conservation Trust Act 2001

Noxious Weeds Act 1993

Ozone Protection Act 1993

Parramatta Park (Old Government House) Act 1967

Parramatta Park Trust Act 2001

Pesticides Act 1999

Pesticides Amendment Act 2015

Petroleum (Offshore) Act 1982

This is the 'mirror' Act to the Commonwealth Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006. The responsible Minister is the Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy.

Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991

The responsible Minister is the Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy.

Protection of the Environment Administration Act 1991

Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997

Radiation Control Act 1990

Radiation Control Amendment Act 2010

Roads Act 1993

Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust Act 1980

Soil Conservation Act 1938

Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995

Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Act 2001

Water Act 1912

Water (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2008

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (New South Wales) Act 2005

Water Industry Competition Act 2006

Water Industry Competition Amendment (Review) Act 2014

Water Management Act 2000

Water sharing plans and other instruments under the Act are listed here.

Water Management Amendment Act 2008

Water Management Amendment Act 2010

Water Management Amendment Act 2014

Water NSW Act 2014

Western Sydney Parklands Act 2006

Wilderness Act 1987

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