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New coastal carbon credits on the way

The federal government is convening a new working group to explore how organisations might earn carbon credits from projects that protect mangroves and tidal marshes.

Top-50 carbon emitter makes huge reporting error

Gas pipeline and energy business APA Group, a top-50 direct emitter according to NGER data, drastically under-reported its indirect greenhouse emissions for two years.

ERF goes backwards

The Clean Energy Regulator has in the last few months dropped from its portfolio close to 15 times the amount of abatement that it added at the latest auction.

ERF auction misfire

The Clean Energy Regulator has contracted to buy hardly any abatement after considering bids made in this month's ERF auction.

NZ to phase-down assistance for big emitters

The New Zealand government has unveiled measures to gradually reduce free allocations of emission units to emissions-intensive businesses such as BlueScope and Rio Tinto.

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