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EPA Victoria, council settle class landfill gas class action

EPA Victoria and the City of Casey will jointly pay property owners $23.5 million to settle a landfill gas class action, with the council now attempting to recover much of its money from nine other entities – including consultants – and the EPA still considering its position.

Queensland companies face array of new penalty orders

The Queensland Parliament has passed a bill introducing a broad range of new environmental penalties, with one Labor MP justifying the changes partly on the basis of a company that copped a $100,000 hazardous waste dumping fine because it was cheaper than proper disposal.

Environmental enforcement is failing: CE Daily analysis

Companies are up to 20 times more likely to be prosecuted for an OHS offence than an environmental one, and in some states workplace safety agencies issue thousands more compliance notices than their environmental counterparts, raising serious questions about the willingness of environmental regulators to enforce the law.

EPA Victoria failing to use powers to prosecute, review finds

EPA Victoria will prosecute many more companies, revamp the way it uses pollution abatement notices and pilot a fast-track review procedure for businesses wanting to challenge its decisions, in the wake of today's independent report urging a shake-up of its approach to compliance and enforcement.

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